Isoxaflutole Market Research Study For Forecast 2020, Challenges, Demand, Woldwide Overview

Isoxaflutole is used as an herbicide in the agrochemical industry. The chemical is used on grasses and broad-leaved weeds in corn. Isoxaflutole restrains the carotenoid biosynthesis, which is responsible for chlorosis in plant growth. The active ingredient is rapidly metabolized in the soil as well as in the plant by opening the isoxazole, which forms a diketonitrile–metabolite that is responsible for the mode of action in the plant. Isoxaflutole herbicide is primarily used on two vegetable crops: maize/corn and sugarcane. It is also used on fruit crops such as almond, peach, walnut, and apple Significant production of these food sources in emerging economies such as Brazil and emerging regions such as Asia Pacific is expected to boost the market for this herbicide over the next few years in these regions.

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Asia Pacific accounted for over 30% of isoxaflutole market volume share in 2013. Major crops that make use of isoxaflutole such as sugarcane and maize are produced in large quantities in the region. Sugarcane production has increased in the region due to rising demand for biofuels in a number of key end-user industries such as automotive and aerospace. Growth in demand for sugarcane for food and biofuels has resulted in the rapid production of the crop. Thus, the usage of herbicides such as isoxaflutole in these crops has also increased. Other factors such as growth in the corn industry in various emerging economies such as India, China, and Brazil have also boosted the demand for herbicides.

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Demand for isoxaflutole was the highest in vegetable crops, accounting for approximately 90% of the market share in 2013. Isoxaflutole is extensively used on sugarcane crops to eliminate various weeds and pests. The crop is regarded as one of the most efficient and significant sources of bio-fuel. The market for biofuels has been expanding due to rise in oil prices, which is significantly encouraging the demand for sugarcane. This, in turn, has boosted the demand for herbicides such as isoxaflutole. Isoxaflutole is also employed in the production of other vegetable crops such as corn or maize. Countries such as the U.S. and China are the top two producers of corn. Isoxaflutole is used in the growth of other crops such as fruits. Various fruit crops including almond, apple, peach, and Brazil nut use isoxaflutole in their growth mechanism. The U.S. accounts for the largest share in the production of almonds. Isoxaflutole is widely used for the growth of the crop in the U.S.

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Maize and sugarcane are the major vegetable crops that make use of isoxaflutole. North America, particularly the U.S., accounts for more than 40% of the global maize production. Thus, the region accounts for the highest consumption of isoxaflutole for these crops. Corn and maize crops account for the majority of demand for isoxaflutole in Europe. Maize is extensively used in feed, food, industrial, and ethanol production. Thus, the corn industry has witnessed growth over the past few decades. Demand for corn in emerging regions such as Asia Pacific is primarily driven by ethanol production. However, increasing consumption of meat in emerging economies such as China and India has a high impact on the corn industry. Corn is a major component of livestock feed. Demand for isoxaflutole is dependent on the number of animals consuming corn. Fresh meat sales in China grew by 3.5 tons alone in 2011, due to growing per capita income and changing food habits of the people in the country.


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