English-proofreading.org launches quality highly efficient phone support systems as it continues to see increased customer numbers

London UK, 27th November, 2016 – English-proofreading.org has announced the launch of high quality and efficient phone support systems in a move the company believes will come handy in providing exceptional assistance to the massive number of people who are relying on the company for English editing.

English-proofreading.org notes that for the last few years a lot of customers have been choosing its editing services and in order to ensure that there is a smooth delivery, a strong support system is indeed needed. The launch of these new phone systems is really a major step forward and it is clear that it will make it possible for the English editors here to deliver their expertise to each and every customer.

English-proofreading.org has been a dominant English editor but one of the major reasons why it has risen to the fold is due to an array of innovative technology solutions that use English grammar correction. The firm says that academic English editing is one of the major areas of academic consulting that students are using.

Over the years, English-proofreading.org has become a leader in this space and in fact, the English editing service provider is expected to remain a major force especially now that there is a strong phone support system that is in place. English-proofreading.org has noted that it feels the support systems will add so much value.

In the current age of modern technology and increased demand for service, interactions with customers are very crucial. English-proofreading.org feels that launching the phone support systems is a good start in helping people with editing English grammar services in the near future. For more information, please feel free to go to http://www.english-proofreading.org/ and see how you can learn more.

Contact information:
Steve Gentry
Email: support@english-proofreading.org