High Utilizations in Mining & Civil Engineering Applications Boosting LiDAR Market Revenue

LiDAR Market

The Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) systems has enabled the examination, detection, and mapping of objects easier than conventional methods. These systems are used over conventional surveying methods because of their ability to provide highly accurate LiDAR data and 3D images in a shorter time. There is high scope for the LiDAR Market across the globe through 2020.

The major driving factors of the Global LiDAR Market are improved automated processing ability of LiDAR systems in terms of image resolution and data processing capabilities over other technologies. They are highly used in civil engineering applications for LiDAR mapping, navigating and other major applications in various end user purposes through 2020.

The LiDAR Market is a moderately growing market with many uses of the LiDAR mapping in navigation applications and other respective end user industries in the Asia Pacific region. This market is expected to witness increasing use of LiDAR technology and LiDAR equipment in construction industry and for research applications in the Asia Pacific region through 2020. Among all the applications, corridor mapping segment has the highest market share in global LiDAR market.

Regional Forecast:

North America is the leading region in the LiDAR Market due to high applications of the airborne LiDAR technology for mapping, navigation, imagery and other functions. Europe is expected to witness high growth due to the rise in infrastructure in the region through 2020.

Asia Pacific is the largest region with high scope of utilization of the LiDAR Market. China and India are the major consumers of the LiDAR equipment for various end user applications. China, Japan and South Korea are expected to be the major suppliers of the LiDAR technology and LiDAR equipment in upcoming term. Asia Pacific is projected to have fastest growth, owing to rapidly increasing automotive industry, awareness among customer regarding the benefits, and government support in this region.

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Segmentation Overview:

The LiDAR Market is segmented into various categories by product type, by component, by application, by end user and by geography.

By Product Type: terrestrial, aerial, mobile and short range

By Component: lasers, inertial navigation system, camera, GPS/GNSS receiver and Micro-Electro Mechanical System (MEMS)

By Application: corridor mapping, seismology, exploration and detection and others

By End User: defense and aerospace, civil engineering, archeology, forestry and agriculture, mining industry and transportation.

By Geography: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and LAMEA (Latin America, Middle East and Africa)

Vendors Brief:

IndustryARC has analyzed more than 40 players of this industry in this report on LiDAR Market with few being:

  • Airborne Hydrography AB
  • Leica Geosystems Inc. (Hexagon)
  • 3D Laser Mapping Inc.
  • Laser Measurement Systems GmbH
  • Mira Solutions Inc.

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