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Navi Mumbai, India: Market Report on India present the latest report on “India Fire Safety Equipment Market”, The report also mentions the competition of leading companies that are involved in the manufacturing of the various fire safety equipments.

India Fire Safety Equipment Market Outlook, 2021, a Market Research Report, provides an in-depth market analysis, which has an extensive business insight on the India Fire Safety Equipment industry. The report covers the detailed insights of the firefighting equipments, fire detection equipments and firefighter personal protection apparatus market in the India. The report includes the depth segmental analysis along with the value analysis of fire safety equipments market. The report also mentions the competition of leading companies that are involved in the manufacturing of the various fire safety equipments. Customer preferences and purchasing decision parameters towards the fire safety equipments market has also been examined and recommendations have been provided for the new entrants in India. The report is extremely useful for foreign players, new entrants, e-commerce players, hyperlocal players, distributors and wholesalers of fire safety equipments as well as importers.

India fire safety equipment market comprises three major segments: Fire Fighting Equipments, Fire Alarm & Detection Equipments, and Firefighter Personal Protection Equipments. Fire fighting equipments market includes fire extinguisher, fire sprinkler, and other fire fighting apparatus such as fire hydrant, fire hose reel, fire bucket, etc. Fire alarm, control panel, call point, smoke detector, heat detector, flame detector, etc devices are the part of fire detection system. Firefighter personal protection apparatus consist of fire resistance suit, fire blanket, and others such as fire helmet, fire gloves, fire shoes, fire harness, etc. In terms of end user, the report provides depth analysis of retail, BFSI sector, hospitality and manufacturing sector. The report also provides the global outlook for each and every segment of safety equipment market along with the value analysis of the market in geographic regions.

According to “India Fire Safety Equipment Outlook, 2021”, India fire safety equipment market is witnessing sharp increase with the remarkable growth in demand for fire fighting, detection and firefighter personal protection equipments. The major dynamics propelling the demand for fire safety equipments are developing construction & infrastructure, expanding manufacturing sector, and increased awareness regarding the fire safety parameters among the Indian citizens. India fire safety equipment market has registered the CAGR of about 18% over the last six years (2010-2016). Currently, firefighting segment is accounting for the largest demand within the fire safety equipments market. Increasing adoption of technology advanced fire protection system in major sectors will accelerate the sales of fire safety equipments in India.

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