Company formation in Hong-Kong: Only 3 steps

hong kong company formation

Think of investing abroad? The first option that should ring in your mind is a region or nation that has a stable financial system, stable political environment, and supportive business policies. From these considerations, no other place comes close to Hong Kong. Investors consider it a must venture region because it is a gateway to Mainland China and entire South East Asia.

For investors, the main question is how does one even get into this potential Hong Kong market? Well, to do business in Hong Kong, the administration requires that you must form a company.

Indeed, the process has been so much simplified such that you can even register a company without traveling to Hong Kong. In this post, company formation in Hong Kong: Only 3 steps are required to have a fully set up company so that you can start trading immediately. Also, you can obtain a visa, it could be per exemple an entrepreneur visa or a startup visa in Hong-Kong.

Step One: Decide you want to form a company in Hong Kong 

This initial step will require you to arrive at a decision that you want to venture into the Hong Kong market. You will be required to get the name of the company, the director/s, company secretary and shareholders. Besides, you will need to get a business address from where the company will be operating.

Step Two: Incorporating your company in Hong Kong 

This step involves presenting all the identified documents to the company registry for incorporation and the Inland Revenue Department. The registry will process your certificate of incorporation so that your business is now a legal entity and only need one more step to roll operations.

Step Three: Open a company bank account 

Like any other business, a company must be able to trade: entering into transactions that require getting paid and making payment. This means you must have a bank account. The bank will require you to make copies of the certificate of incorporation, details of the director(s), and location, to open an account.

Get help from our agency to make the process even simpler

It is that simple; just three simple steps and you will be on the edge of taking advantage of the great market that is mainland China and entire South East Asia. Indeed, we can make the process even simpler by making it possible to incorporate the company without having to travel to Hong Kong. We assist in:

  • Name search
  • Preparing company’s memorandum of understanding.
  • Share certificates preparation.
  • Statutory books.
  • Preparing minutes of the board of directors.
  • Getting a resident secretary and company address.

Like other top companies moving to Hong Kong, why not exploit the same opportunity. Whether you already have a company back at home or you want a start up, Hong Kong is the place to lay the foundation that will fire your business to the greatest heights.

The legal system is mature and economy is business driven such that the government is always making things better. Accordingly, you can anticipate for things to get better, grow the company and make a lot of profits.

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