Go Cycling With All – New Airwheel E6 Intelligent Folding Electric Bike

Many riders want to have an electric bike that they can commute to work or go shopping, but other concern is that how they can store their e bike at home or office without worrying about the parking lot problem. Airwheel E6 folding e bike will provide an excellent solution to this problem. One key to fold, Airwheel E6 is specially designed with foldable main body, saddle, handle bars and pedals. You can tuck them away under your desk or in a cupboard ready until the next ride. It will make your cycling more convenient. https://twitter.com/AirwheelCZ/status/799858123968086017

The weight of Airwheel E6 e bike is also something many potential customers are concerned about. However, with advances in technology, this is not the problem it used to be. Made of aluminum alloy, Airwheel E6 only weighs 14.15kg. E6 also have surprisingly load capacity, with patented X shaped design able to bear 100kg. Powerful battery is also needed for cycling. Don’t judge by the small body. Airwheel E6 is equipped with 300W powerful customized hub motor. Powered car-level Li-ion battery and external modular battery design can guard you a smooth riding with continuous electricity. What’s more, there is a high efficient USB port. You can charge your cellphone no need of waiting to get home. https://twitter.com/AirwheelCZ/status/799501637299605508

Cycling is always combined with different road conditions. 8 inches tire size of Airwheel E6 foldable electric bike is designed to cope with this problem. Dual damping system can give you a more comfortable riding experience when coming up against notorious road conditions. There is also one more important EBS braking system to ensure your safe riding. An agile and stable braking can be achieved by accurate calculation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hw1nDxoDCXQ

E6 intelligent folding electric bike also stands out as an elegant and sleek appearance. You can choose your style: White or Black to experience the ultimate ride. Cycling with the Airwheel E6, the universe will be yours to explore. Have interest and click the website to consult: http://lr.zoosnet.net/LR/Chatpre.aspx?id=LEF97767077&lng=en

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Company Name: Airwheel Holding Limited
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E-mail: sales@airwheel.net
Website: http://www.airwheel.net

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