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Navi Mumbai, India: Market Report on India present the latest report on “Diaper Market in India”, disposable diapers constitute the largest market share and are seeing increasing investments by multinationals in the domestic market.

In India, the middle class is expanding and the public health consciousness is continuously strengthening. This in turn is helping the country to achieve a relatively higher level of sanitation awareness and thus the hygiene products sales have shown an explosive growth in recent years. The market for wipes, baby diapers, sanitary napkins, adult diapers etc. all are growing rapidly. With the increased awareness and increasing purchasing power, customers are fast shifting from traditional cloth nappies to baby diapers. The change in preference towards baby diapers is also because more and more consumers are realizing the health benefits like cognitive and physical development due to overnight sleep. Indians give birth to more than 25 million babies each year, yet the penetration rate of baby diapers remains very less.

According to “India Diaper Market Overview, 2016-2022”, diaper market in India is growing with more than 20% CAGR over last seven years. Diaper industry has mainly two segments, one is baby diaper segment and the other is adult diaper segment. Baby diapers are the most widely used products whereas adult diaper is still at a nascent stage in India. The baby diaper market is highly consolidated with majority of market being controlled by top three players. P&G dominates the overall diaper industry, followed by Unicharm India and Kimberly-Clark. Aggressive strategies adopted by Unicharm India to increase its market share had resulted in Kimberly-Clark’s loss in last few years. The company is now challenging the leadership position as P&G’s lack of innovation and focus on higher margins is expected to decrease its market share in future. The market for baby diapers in rural India is registering much higher compounded annual growth rate than urban India. This is a clear indication that consumers are choosing to buy branded good quality diapers for their babies.

Baby diaper segment is broadly categorized into four types’ viz. disposable diaper, modern cloth diaper, swim pants and training nappies. Disposable diapers constitute the largest market share and are seeing increasing investments by multinationals in the domestic market. In the last few years, modern cloth diapers have also become a fast moving trend for families looking for a natural modern way to diaper their babies. Swim pants and training pants have a marginal market share in India. Incontinence is a common condition that can sometimes be cured by medication or surgery. However for those who are unwilling to undergo intrusive procedures, the option of adult incontinence products remains. Adult diapers market is expected to grow significantly due to the increasing healthcare standards in the country. However, social and economic constraints of using adult diapers may hamper the market growth.

Key Segments
• Baby Diaper
– Disposable Diaper Market
– Modern Cloth Diaper Market
– Swim Pants Market
– Training Pants Market
• Adult Diaper

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