Smart Bottle Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 – 2024

Global Smart Bottle Market: Overview

Smart bottles are one of the most exciting objects to make their way into the world of smart technologies in recent times. From innovative water bottles that tracks user’s water consumption, to smart medical pill bottles that remind patients to take their medicines, to innovative alcohol bottles that can help consumers ensure authenticity of the product, many innovations are changing consumer perception of products as simple as bottles. The global market has witnessed numerous examples of how making products smart can enhance consumer experiences. Phones, cars, electronics, cities, or even mundane objects such as toothbrushes are being made ‘smart’ by the integration of sensors and modes of digital communication.

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In addition, the demand for smart products is rising in the market. The accelerating trend of adopting smart technologies is expected to benefit the global market for smart bottles. Looking at the launch of various interesting products in the market, it can be said that the global smart bottles market would become an important sector of the smart technologies arena soon.

The report on smart bottles market provides readers a snapshot of the current state of the market and elaborates the major factors that will influence its growth through the period 2016-2024. The report includes a detailed overview of the key product types, major application areas, and growth prospects across key regional markets. An overview of technological developments witnessed in the market in recent times is also included in the report, along with an overview of the regulatory scenario and its impact on the market’s development. The research report highlights the micro- and macro-economic factors that business leaders should keep in mind to excel and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Global Smart Bottle Market: Trends and Opportunities

Though still in its infancy, many innovative smart bottle designs have hit the market in recent years. Some of the key application areas traversed by the market till now are healthcare, consumer goods, and food and beverages.

Smart bottles for the healthcare sector have been around for the longest period of time. A variety of smart pill containers are available in the market that help solve the issue of medical non-adherence by reminding patients to take medications correctly and on time. Some smart pills bottles track and/or upload data about when the bottles were opened, and also provide analysis about the same.

In the consumer goods segment, smart alcohol, water, and milk bottles are increasingly becoming popular. Only recently, the alcohol brand Johnnie Walker introduced a smart bottle that sends personalized messages to customers and can be tracked across the supply chain, right from the point of production to consumption at the consumer end. Likewise, the recently launched smart milk bottles are fitted with sensors that can monitor if the infant is swallowing milk or not. Smart water bottles introduced in the market are helping consumers track the amount of water they are drinking.

These are only few examples of the seemingly endless ways in which smart bottles can be put to innovative use. Over the report’s forecast period, the global smart bottle market is expected to see rising demand for products across diverse application areas. The healthcare and food and beverages segments are expected to show the most lucrative growth opportunities.

Global Smart Bottle Market: Region-wise Outlook

Regions such as North America and Europe are currently leading the global smart bottle market. Consumers in cost-sensitive developing regional segments such as Asia Pacific and Latin America are expected to be slightly unreceptive to the relatively costly products. Nevertheless, the food and beverages and healthcare sectors in these regions will drive the demand for innovative smart bottles over the report’s forecast period.

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