Upcoming Energy and Infrastructure Projects in India


Navi Mumbai, India: Market Report on India present the latest report on “Upcoming Energy and Infrastructure Projects in India”, frozen food products market in India was dominated by frozen snacks segment.

India is on the verge to witness a major transformation not only in terms of its social stature but in economic repute too. With correct measures taken into the right directions, India seems moving forward to take a centrifugal position in many areas of international affairs. Energy and infrastructure development is one such avenue in India that has already created its own space on the international podium and is gaining limelight from many of the global repute companies, courtesy which the Indian energy & infrastructure segment is anticipated to become a US Dollar Trillion market by FY’ 2020-21.

Southeast Asia is the third largest emerging market bloc after China, India, besting Brazil and Russia by wide margin. Manufacturers are moving out of China and getting into Southeast Asian market. As inflation erodes China’s cost advantage, companies across multiple are flocking to Southeast Asian countries, drawn by its competitive costs and its potential to serve as a hedge against new western curbs on Chinese goods.

The aim behind coming up with a report on ” Upcoming Energy and Infrastructure Projects in India & South East Asia” , enincon consulting llp presents a galore of opportunities for the industry first and associated all value chain players not only in India but in the South East Asian Region too, which has not been tracked so far and transformed in the form of a quality dossier. With this report enincon consulting llp attempts to bridge the far fetched information gap which has been the industry need for years now and has attempted answer all the primary queries revolving around the mystique of energy and infrastructure segment in both the regions.

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