Mark Daniel Adamczyk Has Launched His Official Website Orlando FL

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November 21, 2016: Mark Daniel Adamczyk has launched his official website at where he addresses all the false gossips floating about him. He has exposed the scam that was job killing. The founders who stole money basically from customers took the website down and set up a stupid video. However, Mark has reported this to the authorities and now has proof about threats to local business. He has taken things all way to Supreme Court and will not stop until each and every member of the job killing pays. has breaks down everything about Mark Daniel Adamczyk on the web. Some people want to spread false rumors about him and call him a “scam artist” but Mark Daniel Adamczyk has never been found guilty of scamming anyone. Nobody can’t call anyone a scam artist as an undeniable fact and get away with it. You can have an opinion about something, but stating as a fact is wrong unless you can prove it.


Mark Daniel Adamczyk is a web design and SEO expert in Orlando, Florida. His company was appointed to build a blog talking about Bobby Luthra whom Mark never met and know nothing about him. The person who paid Adamczyk Company to build the website provided the content. But Bobby Luthra finally takes legal action against Mark Daniel Adamczyk and that case is still pending.


Mark Daniel Adamczyk is the man who single handed brought domain scams like and who fought all way to Supreme Court in many cases. The website is sure to clear all the bogus gossips about Mark.


About The Company: is the official website of Mark Daniel Adamczyk where he talks about all the false rumors floating about him. To read more visit


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Mark Daniel Adamczyk

Mark Daniel Adamczyk Corp

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