Explore Los Angeles with supreme Luxury Rental Cars from Premiere Exotic Car Rentals

“Now you can explore the city of Los Angeles with the exclusive range of luxury cars for rent from Premiere Exotic Rentals.”


Premiere Exotic Car Rentals
2501 Lincoln Boulevard, Venice
City: Los Angeles
State: California
Country: United States of America
Telephone: (310) 301-0090
Website: http://www.premiereexoticcarrentals.com
Email: premiereexotic@yahoo.com

Los Angeles (U.S.A), 21th November 2016: Los Angeles has been witnessing an increasing popularity of the luxurious car rental services owing to their fleet of super stylish, sophisticated cars with highly power packed performances. Renting luxury cars in Los Angeles have become quite a necessity because of its posh and sophisticated locations with grand restaurants and hotels. Premiere Exotic Car Rentals is a leading car rental service in Los Angeles, offering some of the most advanced and exclusive luxury cars for rent in and around the city. Their excellent customer service, sense of discipline and punctuality has made them one of the most sought after companies amidst celebrities, entrepreneurs and common people alike.

Now they are offering a number of new and advanced models of luxury cars for rent in Los Angeles. Take a look.

Lamborghini Huracan

Lamborghini Huracan has an unrivalled quality in terms of grandeur and splendor. Now with its dynamic steering and magneto-rheological suspension, it can provide better control and grip to your driving experience.

BMW i8

 By combining the electric motor and the combustion engine, BMW i8 displays the maximum amount of efficiency and dynamics on the road. This is the first sports car with such advanced features and therefore, creating quite a revolution in the car rental market.

Rolls Royce Ghost

This has been inspired from the world-renowned 1906 Silver Ghost. It is an incredible innovation with a perfect blending of lavishness and comfort.

Ferrari 458 Italia

This car, known for its streamline design, ergonomic and classy interior along with integrated navigation, multi-functional steering wheel, interior climate control have made it one of the most popular Ferrari for rent Beverly Hills or any other part of Los Angeles.

If you wish to further explore the latest fleet of luxury cars for rent Los Angeles, visit the official website of Premiere Exotic car Rentals – http://www.premiereexoticcarrentals.com.

About Premiere Exotic car Rentals: Being one of the most popular car rental services in Los Angeles, Premiere Exotic Car Rentals strive to do their best to satisfy the clients with a diverse range of high-quality, power packed and exclusive looking luxury cars. With customer satisfaction, punctuality and safety on their priority list, they will surely reach new pinnacles of success in the years to come.



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