Sacramento Arbitrations Offers an Alternative Dispute Experience

Sacramento, California- Daniel Yamshon is offering ADR or Alternative Dispute Resolution to his clients. By choosing an Alternative Dispute Resolution, clients will be able to not only save some time, but also quite a bit of money in the process. ADR includes arbitration, mediation, conciliation, and settlement conferences.

Daniel Yamshon ( is the man to choose when it comes to ADR. He has quite a few accomplishments in ADR and in practicing law. He has mediated many cases for the IRS and the Department of Defense. He has been an arbitrator for the Nevada County Superior Court, National Futures Association, and Sacramento County Superior Court just to name a few.

ADR can be done for many different industries such as construction, real estate, and commercial. Construction ADR can be used for settling contract disputes. Sacramento Arbitration can make sure these disputes are fully dealt with and worked out. ADR is one way to solve these disputes. Clients will soon be able to put all of this behind them and continue with the work that they do.

Using ADR doesn’t just have to be in the construction industry. Many real estate agents must use ADR in order to resolve property disputes. There is quite a lot of time put into these cases by the courts and it can take up more time than the agents want. This is why it is best for them to try using ADR to speed up the entire process. ADR can give an outcome that everyone involved will concur on. There will be less time spent in the court if they choose to use ADR and a company like Sacramento Arbitration.

When there are more than two parties who cannot make a decision on commercial disputes, ADR will come in handy. This process is less formal than in the court and with ADR, money and time are saved. Sacramento Arbitration will gladly take the case and resolve it in no time.

About Sacramento Arbitration
Sacramento Arbitration ( is owned and operated by Daniel Yamshon. He has many years of experience in the arbitration and mediation industry. He is well known for being one of the most popular lawyers and arbitrators in California and also in Nevada. He prides himself on working as hard as he can for his clients in order to get resolutions to their disputes.
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