Interplanetary Internet and Interplanetary Transport for Space and Mars


The official Interplanetary Internet and Interplanetary Transport projects have been founded by Oliver Caplikas during the last years. The main information portals informing about new space networks, transport systems and related space themes.

The projects want to improve new network concepts and technologies for the future, this is shown by the development of the main Interplanetary Internet page and information portal. A purpose of the portal and projects are to develop better computer networks in space.

The earlier research and ideas were to create a set of network nodes (using old satellites) who can operate in space. One idea of this network is to get better communication between all devices, satellites, spaceships and vehicles in space. The research and developments can help people to communicate better through interplanetary distance. The final achievement of the Interplanetary Internet and transport networks are to build up the central platforms, including network connections and main services (like satellite apps) of the new internet. NASA is also continuing the research and test on DTN protocol.

When they are successful to develop and optimize the DTN protocol, this technology can be used for several purposes like for military and tactical communication, disaster recovery, mobile devices, and much more. It will give connection to certain unconnected areas such as faraway villages, mountains and islands. The Interplanetary Internet will be connected to the regular terrestrial internet, so it can be used by using old and new protocols or accesses. Just like the founder said, the main goals of Interplanetary Internet are to build up the central form, archive and network connections or services of the new internet for space and planets like Earth.

Just imagine that in the future, people can see the activity of astronauts or see the actual data of space and planets in real time because of this new internet network. If this vision is coming true, people can communicate over the borders and time zones in space.

It is very important to know the latest conditions of planets like Earth to predict natural disasters, dangers or strange things around the Earth. The information can also be used for advanced research and space developments. Data can be received faster and in real time. Actually, these technologies have been developed over many years. In fact, scientists are still working on Mars missions until today, testing new transport systems and engines.

The latest project is to support the space travel between the two planets Earth and Mars. About Interplanetary Transport: is an online portal for transport networks and systems in space.

For more information just visit the offical pages and community network.

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