Cresols Market 2023 : Analysis and Information for Every Aspact of the Industry

Cresols are organic compounds called methylphenols that used as precursors to plastics, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and dyes. There are three forms of cresols – ortho-cresol, meta-cresol, and para-cresol – that occur separately or as a mixture called cresylic acid or tricresol. Cresols are used in a number of industrial and consumer applications. These are extensively used as antioxidants, resins and plasticizers, pesticides, dyes, deodorizing and odor-enhancing compounds, fragrances, pharmaceuticals, and other chemicals. Commercial cresols can be obtained from natural or synthetic sources.

Cresol is available in varying degrees of purity in the market. Commercial grades usually contain 90% to 99% of cresylic acid. Companies such as SABIC Innovative Plastics and Lanxess have strong presence in the value chain. They engage in captive consumption of cresols for the production of antioxidants. Thus, these companies gain distinct competitive advantage over other manufacturers.

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Demand for vitamin E is rising owing to its extensive application in dietary supplements, animal feed additives, etc. This, in turn, is anticipated to fuel growth of the cresols market during the forecast period. Cresols are subject to strict mandates from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as they are harmful air pollutants. This is likely to be a restraining factor for the market growth in the near future. Increasing demand for cresols in industrial applications such as automotive and electronics is estimated to open up new growth avenues for the market.

In terms of volume, para-cresols was the largest product segment of the cresols market , accounted above 45% of the global cresols market in 2014. It was followed by meta-cresols in 2014. Para-cresols are chiefly consumed in the production of antioxidants and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT). BHT is used as an antioxidant in products such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and rubber. Additionally, it is used as a fuel additive in hydraulic fluids, turbine and gear oils, and jet fuels. However, rising pressure on the consumption and pricing of BHT is expected to hamper demand for para-cresols in the near future. Meta-cresols are used as a precursor of synthetic vitamin E. Demand for vitamin E is rising in dietary supplements and fortification of food & beverages. Changing lifestyle and food habits in developing countries coupled with fluctuation in nutrition content of food owing to adulteration are major factors driving demand for these dietary supplements. Furthermore, increase in meat consumption has boosted demand for animal feed additives. This, in turn, is augmenting demand for meta-cresols.

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In terms of volume, chemical intermediates was the largest application segment of the global cresols market, accounting more than 60% of the global cresols market in 2014. It is expected to be the fastest-growing segment during the forecast period. Solvents was the second-largest application segment of the cresols market in 2014 owing to their extensive usage in wire enamel applications.

In terms of volume, Asia Pacific dominated the cresols market in 2014, accounting for about 45% of the global cresols market. Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest-growing regional segment during the forecast period, led by expansion in the chemical industry in China, India, and countries in ASEAN. Europe followed Asia Pacific in terms of demand in 2014. North America is also estimated to exhibit above-average growth in the cresols market during the forecast period.

Key players operating in the cresols market include Sasol Phenolics, Atul Ltd, SABIC Innovative Plastics, and Lanxess AG. The market for cresols is in a constant state of consolidation, with consumption shifting to countries in Asia such as China and India.

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