New Aitaton Neoprene Lunch Bag Available On the Amazon



New Aitaton Neoprene Lunch Bag Available On the Amazon

Portland, Oregon, November 15, 2016 – Official representative of the Aitaton brand Mike Sheraton just announced the release of their New Improved Neoprene Lunch Bag.

When we hurry to work, help our kids to school or just go out for a family picnic, we always prefer to bring our own food, drinks and snacks with us, but could be frustrated since the meal might not be fresh any more after a few hours. Bringing your homemade delicious food with you makes life easier and more pleasant. It is also much cheaper, saves your time and most importantly much healthier. You can skip the fast food line and enjoy your favorite lunch.

Designer of the Aitaton have been working on the new release for some time already and was very happy to share inside news about it. So you are the first to know about it from Mike Sheraton: “Form of the bag was changed. Bag has been made big enough with wider opening to easily put salad containers and a water bottle. Zipper have been changed to heavy-duty one and is smooth and easy to open/close. Special attention has been paid to the stitching – it is double strong now making the bag even more durable. Neoprene material itself has a waterproof and thermal quality. Combine it with premium stitching and the Lunch Tote becomes leak-proof. So if you need to carry a soup or other liquid food you don’t need to worry about the spills. Additionally, bag is very easy to clean – just throw it to the washing machine and it will come out good as new.”

You might ask why all these changes are important and why put so much attention to it. The answer is simple – make our life easier and bring wellness into it.

If you are reading this you must be a person who are looking for a good lunch box that will last, will be comfortable to carry, easy to clean and look stylish, and most importantly will do its job of keeping your food fresh.

“Well, there you have it! All your wishes in one perfect Aitaton Neoprene Lunch Bag. And, by the way, it makes a wonderful Christmas gift, which will show that you are really caring about the person.” – said Mike.

The New Insulated Lunch Bag will be available very soon at Amazon US and Europe including Amazon UK, DE, FR, IT and ES.

About Aitaton: Aitaton brand was born on our passion to support and encourage people to take care of themselves better. In our busy lives we forget about simple and basic things like eating properly and in time, resting enough and exercising moderately to keep fit. We produce high quality products which help you to take care of yourself and your family effectively. Aitaton brand is based on the 25 years of experience on customer service. We value our customers a lot and are determined to make them happy with our products.

Contact: Mike Sheraton

1812 N Columbia Blvd

Suite C15-571672

Portland, Oregon, 97217, USA

Tel: 503-568-1586

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