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Toronto, Canada – Canadians love their alcohol. Studies conducted have shown that close to 80 percent of Canadians drink alcohol, inclusive of teenagers aged 15 years and above. For safe drinking and driving, there is a guideline written by the Canadian health agencies pertaining to the limits of safety. Unfortunately, even these guiding limitations are surpassed by 17.6 percent of Canadians. The mere fact that alcohol is a widely abused drug demonstrates the casual attitude towards drinking. Alcohol abuse has many adverse effects and can be addictive.

The physical symptoms of alcohol addiction include convulsions and tremors, excessive sweating even when cold, insomnia, vomiting, hallucinations and seizures.

But even with the physical health symptoms, alcoholism can still go unnoticed in many cases. As such, experts have come up with symptoms that can help determine casual/social drinkers from alcohol abusers. These symptoms include neglecting responsibilities at work, school, or home as a result of drinking, using alcohol even in dangerous situations such as while driving, persistence in drinking even when it is causing strife in the relationship, and using alcohol as a means to relax or forget problems in life.

Choosing great Alcohol addiction treatments in Toronto facility for yourself, friend, or family is very important if you/they are to survive. Alcohol detoxification needs to medically observe because withdrawal from alcohol is a life-threatening situation. While there are lots of companies that are in the industry claiming to provide similar services with similar results, it is important to choose the best facility for the individual in need of help.

Addiction Rehab Toronto ( provides medically supervised monitoring of the alcohol withdrawal under a doctor’s care. Alcohol addiction treatments in Toronto varies but Addiction Rehab Toronto’s treatment is by far the most effective. The treatment puts the client on the path of recovery and gives outpatient support. They teach the patient coping skills when out of the safe restrictions of treatment. Their treatment program is very successful; if you visit their website you will see many testimonials of how lives and families are changed for a better way.

The treatment not only is effective, it is also individualized and as such different persons have varying treatments unique to their biological, social, cultural and spiritual parts. All treatments are unique and custom made for the client.

About Addiction Rehab Toronto

They have a belief in the individualized approach to healing. The diverse treatments they have available including group counselling, self portrait photography, music therapy, one on one counselling, life coaching, meditation and yoga, aftercare and transitional housing to ensure that all issues, both the addiction and the cause of the addiction, are addressed.

If you know an individual who has an alcohol addiction, call Addiction Rehab Toronto for help. They have a live chat on their site and a toll free number for your convenience.

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