Best Basement Contractors in Toronto

If you have a home improvement project and are running into problems, you are not alone. Home basement remodelling projects are by far the trickiest to handle. Experts say that basement remodelling requires a different set of skills altogether from a kitchen renovation, for example. A company with knowledge and experience can make a difficult task go much smoother. The fact that it costs considerably is the reason why you should consider carefully to choose the best company in the industry. Remember that you have to make the right choice of basement contractors. They could very well make or break your project.

AGM Basement ( is here to save the day. They are dedicated to setting industry standards and pleasing their clients, delivering just what the client has designed. They provide 100% satisfactory workmanship and they have a fair and affordable price for their services. They believe that low pricing is not synonymous with low quality. As such, expect more when working with this company.

As you get ready to work with basement contractors, you should expect a detailed written contract of the anticipated services. AGM Basement will delineate the type of materials used, the amount of money to be paid, the payment expectations, and the length of time for which the project will entail. After you sign the contract, they will inform you every step of the way their schedule and their progress. You will have a complete picture for your peace of mind of what will be involved.

Speaking of time, you should know that basement projects are time sensitive – all home remodelling projects are. You need to be done with it as fast as possible so you can begin to enjoy the new family space. AGM Basement guarantees the completion of your basement remodelling in approximately three weeks, depending on the circumstances surrounding your basement renovation. This is probably the fastest service available and a great time to take an extended vacation. You can trust them to attend to your written details and come back to a finished and beautiful basement space.

About AGM Basement
Looking through the portfolio on their site, it is clear the speed at which they work at does not affect the quality of work they perform. The renovations made to the family basements are stunning. You may even want to reference one of the sample past projects for your own home basement renovation. They are so beautiful and innovative, full of interesting and uncommon luxurious features.

If you have a basement remodelling project at hand, it is best that you make an inquiry regarding their professional services. Call AGM Basement today for your free consultation. See if the ideas you have are feasible with the room, size, and shape in which you are working. The consultation is free.

AGM Renovations
45 Tigi Court
Concord, ON
Canada L4K 5E4
Tel: 416-477-5429

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