Philly’s CheeseSteak and Food Festival


For Immediate Release: 15 October 2016

Philly’s CheeseSteak and Food Festival

By Keith Murphy “Chef Murph”

Wow, what a great day for the family. Nothing better than a Philly Cheese Steak the samples  were great nice size three four bites and the lots were filled with mom & pop steak house showing their works, There was  chesses steaks were from all over the Delaware Valley and of course the Original Pats, Gino’s and Tony Luke’s. Including, my favorite Liscios Bakery . “The Roll”, if you must know, I visit Liscios almost every Saturday morning with my kids.  At the fest, I found a gourmet turkey chesses steak with broccoli rab, with sharp provolone. It was called the God Mother. I called it heaven from Goodfellas  Steaks & Burgers  of Newark, Delaware were my favorite.  They had bands, DJ, beer and tables were out all done on the back drop of Citizens Bank Park.

The highlight of the day if there was not enough already. Watching, people inject cheese steaks as fast as they could down, punishing there gullets.  It was taken again by BOB SHOUDTPhilly’s CheeseSteak & Food Fest Champion 2016 . This eating champion corvette in jested taking the championship for the second time, 15 Steaks. Awesome!!!, He is a eating machine able to eat thirty nine hamburgers in two minutes, twenty Jim’s Cheese Steaks, and an insane twenty three pounds of fresh hot salmon chowder in six short minutes, The Philly BBQ Fest Rib Challenge Champion and last year’s 2015 Cheese Steak Challenge Champion of the world!  You will find more pictures of this event at www,

I am a TV Chef/Host founder of Humans for People Foundation, whose goal is to attempt to save donated food giving in yet another life at food banks and feeding his fellow humans. Founding partner of the International Hospitality Society. I believe, Good food makes for better decisions. Bringing people and culture to the table, where problems can be solved. Author of 50+ books free and 200+ articles written, and my cuisine style is “Global Fusion Americana”. Also, well known volunteer shelter chef cooking food regularly, teaching nutrition and food safety at homeless shelters, soup kitchens and missions around the country: Buffalo City Mission in Buffalo, NY, Joseph House Camden NJ, SJ Food Bank, Breakfast on Sunday Mission and Veterans Multi-Service Centers, Nationwide. Most people don’t know that I am American Highwayman with over 34+ years of experience, 5.2 million miles driving in 49 states and Canada, Aquaponics & wine farmer, Veteran US ARMY, X Federal Law Enforcement Officer and served on Terrorist Task Force.

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Chef Murph AKA K.T. Murphy considered to be a  well-known celebrity chef that volunteers cooking as a shelter chef cooking food regularly, teaching nutrition and food safety at homeless shelters, soup kitchens and missions around the country: His passion is for food and the feeding of people. You can get more information about my cooking by visiting his website at

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