Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory supplies wholesale hot dogs in Toronto

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory has maintained a standard of being class apart for its wide range of meat products and services all through the Toronto region. For retailers, distributers, and consumers across Ontario, Soloway’s provides all kinds of wholesale products. Any establishment or household that orders wholesale meat, wants to keep safety of the consumers as the topmost priority. The perils of contaminated meat of the hot dog become a threat if the supplier does not comply with the standards of industry. However, Soloway’s ( strictly follows the industry standards to meet the terms of Food Safety while making the products.

Apart from safety, the company does not forget the importance of variety in food as well as life. That is why; Soloway’s endeavours to create unique European meat produce in different forms to serve all kinds of special functions and occasions. Apart from regular hot dogs, you can have the following meat products from Soloway’s:

•    Beef hot dog
•    Chicken hot dog
•    Vegetarian hot dog
•    Italian sausages
•    Sausages of Mild Debrecziner
•    Pepper and turkey sausage
•    Beef burger
•    Cheddar and bacon sausage
•    Vegetarian burger
•    Jerk chicken
•    Gluten and nitrate free meat products

You can also place your order online with Soloway’s without worrying about the promptness of delivery or quality of products. Just like all other things, buying meat online is no more an exceptional thing. You do not have to go to the streets looking around for a meat supplier and then reach home to cook hot dogs for the event you are going to host. The best part of ordering online hot dogs with Soloway’s is that you do not have to worry about the delivery time. You can stay relaxed since you will receive your order at the promised time.

Along with being a popular choice, the company does not compromise on being the best in market. Soloway’s offers you the best price range for all of their meat products. The wholesale hot dog suppliers of Soloway’s offer the most competitive prices than the physical brick and mortar outlets and other online meat suppliers. All the benefits of buying meat from the place of production are passed on to the end consumers and hence, you get the most reasonable meat products at best prices. Since the retailers are eliminated from the chain, the end consumers can enjoy meat at lowest prices.

hot dog in TorontoSoloway’s not only specializes in hot dogs, you can have a wide range of meat products from the company. The quality of hot dogs and other meats is kept high because of the freshness of products and the sourcing of products from their place of production. At any point of processing meat, no adulteration is made so that you get the superior food for your family and guests. You can also order condiments from Soloway’s. The Soloway’s store opens from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday, and from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday. The store is closed on Sundays every week.

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