Whatever Happened To Mariah And Mama Lucy: Does Season 4 Of Married To Medicine Ostracize Its Main Star?


Whatever Happened To Mariah And Mama Lucy: Does Season 4 Of Married To Medicine Ostracize Its Main Star?

11/8/16 Atlanta Something was amiss in the lavish premiere of the fourth season of Married To Medicine. Tara Thomas Agency representatives attended the bash and, while they found that the ladies of the main cast looked lovely, they were stunned to discover that this season’s premiere featured little of the show’s breakout star, Mariah Huq.

After overcoming personal turmoil, including a devastating miscarriage and the painful loss of her father, Mariah rose from her ashes and agreed to return for the show’s new season, much to the delight of the Married To Medicine audience.

Through this brave move, Mariah will share her journey with her beloved fans, as she navigates life in the aftermath of these earth-shattering events, striving to retain a sense of normalcy. Viewers should expect to see Mariah as they’ve come to know and love her, as she never compromises her ferocious wit, her positive outlook on life, or her signature, elegant style.

However, Mariah, as well as her mother, whom she affectionately calls Mama Lucy, received little air time during the show’s premiere – despite the fact that Mariah is also one of the show’s creators and executive producers. What’s more, Mama Lucy, Lake and other members of the Huq family, were nowhere to be seen at the premiere after-party.


While the discussion on this season’s events focused heavily on the other cast member’s story lines, it appears that coverage of their lives has taken precedence over Mariah’s, in what can only be described as an overt manner. Though interest in Mariah’s life has peaked, the fallout between her and Quad (Webb-Lunceford) has cast its shadow over the relationships between the ladies of the cast.

In previews, Mariah referred to her former friend as “Quad Fraud”, something which did not escape the attention of dedicated Married To Medicine viewers. While Mariah is expected to appear in the November 13th, 2016 episode of Married To Medicine, titled Forecast: Clouds With a 100% Chance of Shade, the extent of on-air time she will receive remains to be seen.

Eager fans should watch out for her ingenious commentary, her new alliances with other cast members, updates on her fabulous life, as well as her relationship with Mama Lucy.

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