Finding The Right Asphalt Contractors

Most people today prefer asphalt for their driveways, parking lots, streets and so on. Of course, it should be the obvious choice given how durable, cheap and easy to maintain it is. With a little bit of asphalt maintenance and care, your driveway or parking lot can give you so much more value than you could hope for.
Now, if you want the best value out of your asphalt investment, the care has to stem right from the root. Or simply put, choosing the right asphalt paving contractor is as crucial as caring and maintaining it. A lot of factors go into determining the quality of an asphalt surface, and the expertise, and experience of the contractors along with the quality of the asphalt used plays an important role.

Asphalt paving companies in Vancouver like Superior Asphalt Paving has garnered the experience and dedication that is required to build trust with its clients through their quality service.
Therefore, it is vital to build that sort of trust with the right pavers by taking into account the quality of the service and products that they provide. Some of the important aspects that one can look at while choosing the right contractors are:


Experience is a crucial factor in the success of any product or service provider. Experienced asphalt paving companies too, offer a better value with their service. The experience of the asphalt paving crew that they provide should also be looked at because it is their skills and experience that will determine the quality of work done.


With experience in providing quality service, asphalt paving companies gather good reputation. You can get a good feedback of a particular company by taking in the suggestions of local people who have acquired their services in the past. Online reviews are also a reliable way of finding out the quality of asphalt companies.

Location of the Contractors

The location of the contractors is also an important factor to consider. A company located in a closer vicinity can be of more convenience for you than one that is far away.  Once you have acquired the services of a contractor, they have gained your initial trust, and it is important to build on that. So, if in future you require asphalt services again, you know you can rely on them to do a good job.

Insurance and Licenses

Today, due to the unpredictability in people’s daily lives, insurances and licenses are important in almost every sector to protect oneself from any complications with finances or the law.Good, reputed asphalt pavers always ensure that they are insured and acquire all the required licenses.

Equipment and Materials

Equipment used by the company will affect the quality of the service provided by them directly. Therefore, ensure that the right contractor for you is the one with good, updated asphalt paving equipment.The quality of the asphalt should also be checked to avoid maintenance problems in future. Always request for higher grade asphalt with a low amount of recycled materials mixed in it.


Beware of scams! Some people run asphalt scam operations where they claim that they have leftover asphalt from a nearby project and offer it for cheap. Their materials are usually of low-grade and get damaged within a few weeks.

Now that you know what things to consider before calling an asphalt company, you can choose the right one for you.

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