Fat Freezing: One of the Safest and Painless Slimming Solutions

Bored with regular intense workout sessions to get toned and slim why not try an improved method of fat freezing! Latest technology has made it extremely easier to shed off fats from unwanted regions without putting much effort. Coosculpting is one such fat loosing treatments that has been an instant hit in the market. Most of the other techniques works by burning the fat, but coolscuplting works by freezing the excess fat that are found in the adipose tissue and fat cells. Being a non-surgical fat reduction treatment, this latest fat reduction method is what you need the most if you are suffering from fat accumulation in all the wrong places.

The fat cells are made up of water, like any other living cell found in human body. Now in fat freezing technique, this water is turned into fine ice crystals and the method is performed through controlled cooling. The best thing about this technique is that the process only hits the targeted fat cells and doesn’t affect any other surrounding areas. Now as ice crystals are formed, the former cells will die and will later on get eliminated through the natural process of excretion. This elimination will take about 4-6 weeks to happen.

How safe is fat freezing?

The fat freezing method was first developed in the Harvard University in association with Massachusetts General Hospital. With such a huge amount of success, this technique has become a sensation in all over the European Nations. And why not! This technique is both safe and with no side-effects. Also it is entirely non-invasive and painless as compared to liposuction and other fat removal surgeries.

Cost and time required for recovery

As compared to hyped liposuction, fat freezing costs nothing. It is highly affordable and well-suited for common people. Now coming to recovery, this procedure requires no downtime for recovery. Immediately after completion of a session, the patient can get back to the normal routine, like driving home or going for grocery shopping. Though there might be some bruises on the affected area right after the session, within few days the scars will eliminate. In severe cases, the patients might feel some numbness on the treated regions but that vanishes within few days.

Areas where fat freezing is performed:

Stomach or abdomen

Love handles or flanks

The back area

Thighs and


Men who suffer from double chin problem look forward to this treatment too.

Side-effects and risk factor

Unlike conventional liposuction, coolsculpting comes with minimum risks. Being a non-surgical fat reduction treatment, it eliminates all effects of post-surgery complications, including bleeding and infection. Being a latest technique, it is ideal for everyone, irrespective of gender, body type and age. In fact, it is also safe for kids (however parents need to be present when coolsculpting method is performed on their child).

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