A brand new Lunar Spell in RS Gold would be a big job

Some players proposed that there must be a new RS Lunar Enter in RS 2007. Love the idea, personally not sure if it will have to be locked behind some sort of lunar spell. It could just be considered a in game book ‘monster bestiary’. If you did wish to make rs 2007 gold it difficult it could work upon only showing monster facts after killing them the moment.

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We guess a brand new Lunar Spell in runescape gold would be a big job
This is a big job for a thing that takes 10 sec to look from google. com so we don’t really support this. Seems weird to be a spell too, but even taking that out and just making it an informational piece seems unnecessary anyway. People can just look up the drop table. The only use it would have is if it were on our main interface to access it all the time.

New Lunar Spell would be a nice little addition although
That’s very disappointing thinking of how easy it is on plenty of RuneScape Private Servers. You guys probably hardcode countless things that don’t have to be or anyway shouldn’t be, there are even decrease editors for Runescape Personal Servers that honestly help make adding drops to NPCs fun and intensely easy.

It doesn’t make sense like a new Lunar Spell
If it belonged as a spell it would be most appropriate on the particular Arceuus spellbook. But really it doesn’t add up as a spell in any respect. Maybe if the library was loaded with books on monsters as well as their drop tables/drop premiums, this would make one of the most sense.

To be honest, discussion about this problem is quite hot on RS 2007 reddit. A lot of participants have expressed their opinions over it. The conclusion about this matter still need to delay. Finally, reminder that you can get cheap runescape 2007 precious metal with 2%-8% extra benefit from buyrunescape4golds.com.

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