Toronto CoolSculpting Clinic

CoolSculpting Toronto Clinic focuses on providing FDA approved body shaping by an innovative and effective non-invasive method. Torontonians who face the frustrating problem of inability to get their body in shape with exercise or diet can gain immense benefit from the fat freezing technique used at CoolSculpting Toronto Clinic (

The fat freezing technology uses controlled cooling process to target the fat cells and freeze them. The body retains its natural contour without downtime or having to resort to invasive surgical procedures.  Women and men in Toronto will no longer have to sweat it out at the gym or do home workouts with the promising body toning solution that CoolSculpting offers. A busy work schedule leaves little time to focus on diet or exercise leading to weight gain and unsightly body shape. The CoolScultping solution is an apt fit in such a situation, as the fat freeze technology is effective on several areas of the body such asCoolSculpting Toronto Clinic

•    Arms
•    Thighs and Knees
•    Back
•    Abdomen
•    Chin
•    Hip and Buttocks

The controlled cooling process involves targeting fat cells specifically inside a controlled radius without harming the cells present around them. With a sequence of such treatments, the body begins to expel the fat cells naturally. This ensures that CoolSculpting produces long term results.

The treatment approach at CoolSculpting is simple, straightforward and fully customized. An individual interested in a perfectly contoured body, first starts with a consultation with one of the experts at CoolSculpting on the body shaping goals, and specific questions are asked to determine lifestyle adjustments.

With the assistance of the CoolSculpting expert, the problem causing areas are identified and the customer can discuss about the benefits of the program.  The CoolSculpting professional discusses about the specific goals of the customer and provides an treatment plan and the number of sessions needed for reaching the goals. The applicators needed for producing the desired results are chosen. The procedure is totally pain free. Customers can relax, read or check emails and messages during the procedure and return back to their daily routine once it is completed.

In contrast to the regular weight loss methods, which just focus on reducing fat cell size in the body, CoolSculpting exclusively acts on reducing the fat cells in the areas treated. The fat cell count in the body is determined during teenage years and the number does not alter but the size of the cells keeps increasing. Fat freezing process of CoolSculpting kills the fat cells with the controlled cooling process, making the body eliminate them naturally.  Weight loss methods reduce just the size of the cells and not the number of cells. Nearly 25% of the fat cells are reduced with CoolSculpting method.

The clear advantages with Toronto CoolSculpting Clinic techniques are that there is no requirement of time off, down time or surgery to get the desired body shape. With the non-invasive treatment, it is possible to target the troubling areas alone in a safe and effective way producing noticeable and long term slimming effect. Since the body shaping needs differ from one customer to the next, all treatment plans are customized to produce maximum results.

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