Protection from harmful electromagnetic radiation with Aires Technology

Aires Technologies is an award winning company that deals in the development of technologies meant for minimizing the destructive effects of electromagnetic fields surrounding the majority of modern electronic gadgets. The products of the company have won several certificates and awards since the inception of the company in the year 2000. The research and development of the company surround FDL or fractal diffraction lattices have significantly altered the scientists’ approach towards electromagnetic fields. The ground breaking findings of the Aires Technologies have crafted over 200 project solutions and products that are 100% eco- friendly and secure for human use.

Aires Technologies ( develops technologies that are made keeping nature as well as humans in mind since the basic aim of the firm is to develop eco- friendly and high-tech devices. Many people are not aware of the fact that every gadget they use emits electromagnetic radiation of EMR, the amount of which has increased exponentially in the past few decades.

The devices developed by the company are clinically approved, tested and verified in independent scientific and medical facilities. Moreover, the products use exclusive technologies that are patented to accomplish the best probable protection. The products developed by Aires technology are available for all kinds of small and big personal electronic gadgets.

Aires Shield Extreme is a micro processor based on silicon that defuses the destructive effects of EMR or electromagnetic radiation. The product consists of an Aires microprocessor along with an advanced resonator antenna. Aires Shield Extreme removes the harmful glitches created by the EMRs. It works when the electromagnetic impulse coming from a gadget is recorded by a resonator antenna. When the charge is built up, it is reflexively redistributed to the microprocessor of Aires Shield Extreme. Then, a surface waive is made and the matrix of the microprocessor produces a 3D hologram with frequently alternating minima and maxima of field intensity. At last, the 3D hologram networks with the external radiation, alters it, complements it with the radiation of the body and thus, prevents clash between the external radiation and radiations of the body’s cells.

Aires Black Crystal is another product from Aires technology that converts the EMR affecting human body into the EMR of fewer wavelengths and hence making them practically ineffective. The two adjoining circuits of the device are electrically conductive. The circuits are split by a shielded layer from capacitor, which produces a defensive field and neutralized the dangerous effects of EMR. Two adjoining circuits of the device are electrically conductive.

Aires Defender Infinity is also a great device with two next-gen 9 core micro processors based on silicon. They provide universal guard from EMR pollution emanating from extensively spread communication devices, cellular towers, and power lines.

Aires technology manufactures innumerable such products that are aimed at minimizing the dangerous effects of EMR and hence, improving the quality of human life.

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