David Fillpot Group’s latest creation: Review Accelerator- the ultimate partner for online reviews.




David Fillpot Group’s latest creation: Review Accelerator- the ultimate partner for online reviews.
October 16, 2016- David Fillpot group has focused on meeting ever increasing market demands with their newest creation, Review Accelerator. In today’s ever growing digital world, more and more people are banking on online outlets for the selling of their services. Online reviews by authentic customers are critical to a business’s success since studies have shown nearly 70% of consumers rely on online reviews before making a purchase.

Review Accelerator generates an abundance number of positive reviews for a business which are of utmost importance for a business’s online presence. Specifically with the recent changes in the Google algorithm a business’s positive reviews rank high in search engines.

Review generator simplifies the review generating process by increasing the ease of customers giving five reviews for your business online so businesses are saved from the awkwardness of asking a consumer directly. These five star reviews help gain more credibility for the business.

Review Accelerator comes with a $0 No obligation Trial. After that the business moves to a $97 per month plan. These offers have no contractual obligation and the reviews go on Google and Yelp. The negative reviews are sent directly to business owner or the designated email address. The business can cancel the subscription anytime they like within the mentioned time constraints.

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