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Messi: this round of Lionel messi, the celtics led Barcelona 7-0 massacre if omar from the current incarnation as double cake, Lionel messi is the person who eat the bread, he not only completed the game personal hat-trick, also send a assists for his team-mates. His perfect total of 3 times the ball out of the game, scoring six times, shot is 4 periods, attack efficiency is very high, in terms of Fifa 17 Coins For Sale moving past rate, 82 times 68 periods success, hand over as significantly as 80% of full satisfaction questionnaire, if Barcelona can not live and not using a man, the man is totally Lionel messi, he and his teammates in the maldives obtained score 10 points out of the game, as common selected for this round of the champions league the very best 11.

In the game, although data on this particular 15 season card messi is extremely good, but the inside on the game engine is not very good reflect the advantage involving speed, and more pay attention to the important model, 15 messi because this model is small, so the general recommendation players in wide use, or in the CF position is utilized, is not very suitable for single arrow, messi’s ability to fight and header is just not good.

But this card macy’s advantage is based on the speed is quickly, tall, the acceleration of the actual speed news for FIFA 17 of 79 and also 87. Flexible 91, balance 90 makes that feel very empty. Dribbling and ball control data are top. Also crosses of data of 74 and 74 with the shooting, can say messi in addition to model is bad this kind of drawback, there really is simply no shortcomings, this card whether superstar set or the legend set or Argentina as well as Barcelona player, small make up suggest can Gao Jianghua that card use. His performance will not enable you to down.