Midas Goes Beyond Digital with Print Marketing Services

Portland, OR: In today’s increasingly digital world, most companies are shifting their marketing focus to online channels. Social media, search engine optimization, and other channels are quickly becoming the gold standard. But one Portland company is going against the grain. Midas, a primarily digital marketing and consulting company, is also offering traditional print services. Their print services are designed to give their clients a presence in the physical world as well as the digital world, taking advantage of the tangible nature of paper materials.

Why Print in 2016?

Midas, like many similar companies, is fully at home on the web. The majority of their specific service offerings are digital in nature. They provide web development for businesses who don’t yet have a well designed, user friendly website. They also offer SEO and other digital marketing services to further strengthen and cultivate a company’s online presence.

But even though the internet has changed the world of marketing and advertising forever, Midas saw through the glitz and glamour. Digital is not, and will never be, the only option for companies to get their message out there. In fact, you see a lot more people actively complaining about online ads than about direct mail postcards or print ads in magazines.

This wasn’t simply a matter of guesswork, either. The decision to include print in their service packages was informed by the latest data, statistics, and even neurocognitive research. Contrary to popular belief, people do read promotional brochures and flyers. Recent psychological research has also used fMRI neuroimaging studies to demonstrate that when people view something on physical paper, they respond more strongly and process the information more deeply than digitally displayed materials.

Even in 2016, print materials still have a powerful role to play in marketing and branding. This drove Midas to incorporate print into their services — something rare among digital marketing and SEO companies.

What Midas is Offering

Midas chose to focus on a small selection of relevant, necessary print services — notably, many do not have a suitable digital replacement or one-to-one counterpart. Rather than try to do it all, they focused on a handful of things they felt would bring real value to their clients.

  • Business cards. Business cards have been around since before the 19th century. Swapping business cards is a universal ritual in the business world, one that transcends cultural and national boundaries. Even with the rise of mobile apps, there’s no real replacement for a well-designed business card.
  • No matter how web-centric a business may be, they’ll still occasionally need to send out mail by post. Midas chose to provide stationary printing services, creating professional and customized envelopes and letterheads that provide an air of legitimacy for brands.
  • Brochures and flyers. Flyers, brochures, and leaflets still get noticed by consumers. Appealing visual design and a strong call to action can drive sales, even days or weeks after the flyer was received.
  • Banners and signs. For some types of businesses, it’s worth investing in good signage and banners for storefronts or tradeshows.

Smart Marketing that Brings Results

Midas offers print services because they work — not because it’s traditional. For many businesses, the right printed materials form a highly effective complement to digital marketing initiatives. For this reason, Midas has extended their offerings to include a selection of traditional print services.

Contact Information:

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