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Texas (USA), Canada (Toronto) & India (Business Network)12th October 2016:

If a MNC outsources it’s help desk services, the purpose of that help desk is to solve problems. But measuring it by call volume doesn’t address why the MNC chose to outsource in the first place.

To save money? Yes. But are they improving customer service?

So what will 2017 bring?

Does outsourcing your IT help desk services only help you save cost?

Can it also improve customer satisfaction exponentially? The traditional ways to measure outsourcing have been bodies needed and help-desk tickets filed. However, we understand, those 500 help-desk tickets don’t have anything to do with what the business is trying to accomplish.

One company may see IT help desk services as good for company culture and collaboration and might choose to keep it in-house. Another may see it as a commodity service that’s ideal for an Indian outsourcer. Figuring out the outsourcing/insourcing ratio that delivers the best results is a high-stakes problem for many a CIO

The Big picture-

  • The global technical support outsourcing market can be primarily segmented by types of support service, end-use industry, and region. The type of support services offered by technical support outsourcing players include pre-sales support service, post-sale support service, managed technical support service and enterprise technical helpdesk services
  • Technical support services include level 1, level 2 and level 3 support services which are delivered through voice, email and online chat supports.
  • Enterprise technical helpdesk services include issue resolutions, knowledge management, application support, software support, trouble ticket management and reporting and decision support.

Upcoming IT help desk Services trends-

Security takes center stage

Security is top of mind from the boardroom to the break room, and it will influence outsourcing strategy in 2017 as well. So before you think of extending or getting into new contracts, do ensure the service provider follows a strict ISO 27001 adherence benchmarks

Arrival of the quintessential DevOps team
DevOps aims to break down the barriers and conflicting priorities that often exist between development and operations teams, such as project spend, application performance and functional requirements. This allows them to work together, delivering systems into production reliably, safely and rapidly, and to operate and support them more effectively.

Performance based Pricing models 

Cost arbitrage no longer dictates the outsourcing ball game! What wins battles on the work-front is how well can the services provider meet and exceed the set SLAs and bring a higher brand re-call every time our end-customer interacts with you.

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