Anthony’s Espresso Equipment Inc. in Ontario

Anthony’s Espresso is a company owned by family with its roots based in Italia. The company deals only in espresso and it makes the company better knowledgeable with the services and products than the competitors. Being the best in class, brands like Philips- Saeco prefer it for warranty services. The company has built itself on the tough foundation of quality services and products with its proficiency in espresso. Based in Greater Toronto, the company provides its products and after sale services in the whole of Canada.

The company ( carries a wide array of manual and automatic espresso machines for commercial, semi-commercial, and residential use. The residential brands of Anthony’s Espresso include Gaggia, Philips-Saeco, Delonghi, and Jura units. The Semi-commercial brands include Nuova Simonelli and Expobar. The commercial units comprise of Espressa, Gaggia, Philips-Saeco, and Iberital.

The company also has an collection of espresso beans such as LAVAZZA, Moak, Bristot, Forza, and Ara Azzurro. The company also roasts three brands of beans namely, Bellacaff, Rocco Bar, and Mikkacaff. The line of products also includes a wide array of accessories for manual and automatic machines such as espresso cups, Saeco liquid descaler, frothing pitchers, stainless steel spoons, water filters, tampers, brush heads, espresso machine parts.

Affiliate program
The affiliate program is also offered by Anthony’s Espresso free of cost, which enables its associates to earn revenue if they place one or more links on their own website to advertise the products of Anthony’s Espresso Equipment Inc. When a person clicks on those links and a sale is concluded with the clicks, the members can earn affiliate commission. Standard rate of commission is presently 5%.

Product examples
Some of the examples of the products of Anthony’s Espresso are:

BEZZERA – Mitica S
This is a product with superior quality built with commercial technology components, merged with classic design that makes cappuccino or coffee in just a few seconds. The body of Bezzera is made of stainless steel, group heated by timeless thermosiphonic system. The copper boiler is equipped with exchanger of internal heating that lets you produce steam and coffee simultaneously.

PHILIPS ten in one Multicooker
You can create culinary masterworks like porridges, pies, and tasty soups in this finest multicooker featuring ten temperature- adjustable and automatic programs. This product features ultra thick inner pot coated with ceramic, advanced design with steam vent since less steam keeps the nutrition within the food, eight cup capacity measuring four litters, anti stick inner pot with five layers, sensor display along with intuitive navigation, a detachable lid on the inside for easier cleaning, dishwasher safe, and curved heating plate to spread the heat evenly. You can set the program for ten automatic programs such as slow cook, fry/sauté, steam, rice, stew/simmer, risotto, bake, reheat, yogurt, and boil.

The company offers many other such high quality merchandise for various uses.
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Address: Anthony’s Espresso Equipment Inc.
Head Office:
80 Carlauren Road. Unit #12
Woodbridge, Ontario
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