Don’t be Afraid of Filing Bankruptcy with Eidelman and Associates in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Deciding to file for bankruptcy is a hard decision to come to. With two types of bankruptcies and many elements to consider, doing so without the help of an attorney can make the process confusing. There are many legal documents to deal with and the possibility of losing assets can be scary. Eidelman and Associates, located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, can take the guesswork out of filing for bankruptcy and make the process run smoothly.

Before filing, those that wish to do so must meet certain qualifications. Some may decide to wipe out their unsecured debt while others want to work on paying off their debts. The Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy are very different and Eidelman and Associates ( can help decide which one is best for each person’s situation. After figuring out which type of bankruptcy to file, the next step is to take the means test. This test will determine whether someone qualifies to file.

Once the decision to file is made, many are worried that they may lose everything they have. Eidelman and Associates will ensure that all exempt assets are protected during the process. They will also make sure that any unknown rights are not waived, which can leave vulnerabilities to assets. Another common issue with filing bankruptcy is that creditors will object to resolving the debt in this way. The use of the services at Eidelman will allow motions to contest the objections.

What people are looking for when filing bankruptcy is a fresh start and many don’t realize that the process can be very difficult and time-consuming? The professionals at Eidelman will make sure that those looking for that fresh start will do so without compromising certain areas of their life. They will explain the difference between the two types of Chapter bankruptcies and which the right one to file for is.

No one needs to be afraid of losing everything when filing bankruptcy, especially with Eidelman and Associates there, step by step. Keeping things like the house, car, and not having wages garnished are all possible with the assistance of Eidelman. Don’t let filing bankruptcy be a difficult process or allow it to present worries. It is supposed to be a fresh start and it can be with help. Don’t be bogged down by the multiple tasks involved with filing bankruptcy. While it may take time, it can all be so simple with the help of Eidelman and Associates.

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