New invention lets you hold your razor like a BOSS! – Comfy Holder

Houston-TX, Oct 14th, 2016 – There’s a ton of gear designed to make holding your smart gadgets easier. So why can’t there be something to help with low-tech items like your razor or toothbrush? Well the wait is over!

The Comfy Holder is a super unique cushioned grip for razors, flossers, tongue-cleaners, tooth-brushes etc. It makes using these everyday items super comfy and convenient! Comfy Holder’s universal design fits onto virtually any personal care product you already own, so there’s no need to buy anything new.
The Comfy Holder comes in two size options (Slim-Fit and Extra-Comfort) and can be used together for even more cushion for those challenged with chronic joint pain or conditions such as arthritis.

There are no similar products currently on the market. With its unique and innovative design, we have international patents pending for the Comfy Holder. Our goal is to secure enough funding to manufacture the Comfy Holder and bring it to market for consumers to purchase both online and in stores.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Kevin Selva, Inventor and Product Developer of Comfy Holder, at or at 713-510-3434. You can also see

About Selva Concepts:

Selva Concepts is consumer-product design/development company based in Houston,TX. Selva Concepts do inception, design, development & launch of consumer products. we only work on consumer products for the betterment of life. We specialize in consumer & personal-care products. And, our skills + expertise support such a mission.

About Product:

We came up with this concept while working on a different razor project. In our original razor project, we ended up designing bigger-handle. But, later realized that just by having a bigger handle could be an amazing feature. And, it was so convenient + comfortable. Thus, we rolled-off this spark of idea into a different new product. And, we called this as Comfy-Holder. And, we designed this to a universal holder & could be useful for all/most personal care products.

Contact Information:

Kevin Selva
7050, Brookhollow W, Suite 41141
Houston, TX
Zip 77040