Make All the Right Business Decisions with Milton Barbarosh

Running a business can be a lot of work and require attention to many elements that will allow the business to run smoothly. For all financial needs, the person to call is Milton Barbarosh. Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Milton ( has devoted many years to providing outstanding financial services to several clients. As a certified public accountant, a licensed business valuator, and a Senior Member of the American Society of Appraisers; Milton consult with various businesses in regards to several aspects of business.

Many times a business will need a certain type of expertise and the person to call is Milton. Providing consultations about several areas of business, such as corporate expansion and reorganization, he will help to make sure that the most economical decisions are made for the best interest of the company.

Having founded Empire Global Advisory Services LLC and Stenton Leigh Group shows that the services of Milton Barbarosh can allow any company to thrive. As an accountant, he is up-to-date with all of the newest practices and will only steer a company in the direction that will prove to have the best outcome for a business. When the concern of the company is to sell or merge, Milton can help with that as well.

He has years of experience with mergers and acquisitions and is licensed to put a value on the business. He can also help with the many steps needed to buy a business. Anyone considering purchasing or selling a business should not do so with any type of haste. There are many aspects to consider such as whether the business has a chance to thrive in the future. No one wants to waste money on something that will close in the near future. Those that want to sell their business do not want to lose out on all of the work and finances they have put into the company. With the help of Milton, deciding whether to sell or buy can mean making the right decision or stepping away from something that is not wise.

Either way, Milton ( will make sure that all decisions will benefit the business and not harm it. He will take into account many factors before providing his insight on the matter. After working with Milton, business owners will feel that they are in good hands with all concerns of running the company. Decisions in business can be hard, but not with Milton Barbarosh.
Milton Barbarosh
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