What is load cell – Load Cell Manufacturers in India


What Load Cell

In all days of our life we have use the weight measuring machines called electronic scales. If you go to any where like grocery market or Rice mill or any industries they have been used the electronics weight measuring machines. But still we don’t know how it works and measured the weights and loads very accurately right?

Each and every weight measuring instruments are having sensors named as load cell. This load cell sensor has been used to recognize the load or force applied on the machine and this electronic load cell measure the accurate weight of the applied loads and show it in the display. Generally all the load cells are providing accurate results. Load cell manufacturers are designing this to measure the load from low to high range and it is available in the variety of types.

The load cells are used for various purpose and various applications to measure the loads. For example that is used to measure the quality of the machine, used for industrial purpose and etc.,

What is Load Cell

Why we called this as load cell? Because this is the device used to measure the weight and show output weight in to numbers. Although the load cell is not only for used to determine the weight with electronic scales and it is widely used to convert the loads in to electrical signal. So, this is also called as “Load Transducers”.

Load Cells are working based on the following method

Load cells worked depends on the Fluid load

Load Cells worked based on the Elasticity

Load cells worked depends on the Magnetostriction or Piezoelectric effect

Load cell manufacturers in India, manufacturing variety of load cells for various industrial weights measuring purpose. The different load cell types are

Compression Load cell

S Type load cell

Double Ended Load Cell

Shear Beam Load Cell

Elevator Overload Sensor

Digital Load Cell