Incedo: An exceptional IT Company in Gurgaon


The last decade, Gurgaon has seen an unprecedented growth and an explosion of the number of IT companies located here. Gurgaon is an important city of Hrayana state and because of its proximity to the National capital, Delhi, it is the hub of a majority of IT companies. Today, Gurgaon is listed as one of the top cities of India with highest per capita income.

September 2016, Santa Clara

Gurgaon is one of the hottest destinations for IT companies in the northern region and NCR in particular. The Cyber City in Gurgaon hosts a list of fortune 500 companies across the world from the Microsoft, Yahoo, Google to Flipcart, Snapdeal, HP, CISCO, BlackRock, Standard Chartered. Next to Cyber City are some of the other leading companies like India Bulls, Airtel and various manufacturing units exist in the area known as Udyog Vihar in Gurgaon. Incedo’s office is located in Udyog Vihar.

Incedo is one of the few companies who have expertise on Data Management in Pharma right from envisioning to implementing and supporting for Financial, Pharmaceutical as well as telecommunication firms across the globe. The depth of subject matter experts in these domains help Incedo provide quick ROI to any firm it works with. As compared to other IT companies in Gurgaon, Incedo believes in building brand value combining both the domain and IT expertise. A lot of IT companies in Gurgaon offer IT consulting and services across the industry verticals but Incedo has made a conscious choice to work in IT only for those verticals where Incedo has extensive depth of business knowledge. Incedo has worked very closely with India Bulls to develop one of India’s first online trading platforms for retail clients.

In addition to financial services Incedo also has built strong know how about the Pharmaceutical companies. We have created specific frameworks catering to different phases of Data Management for financial institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

We are also one of the few IT companies in Gurgaon who have a dedicated testing group which is also closely aligned to the functional domains apart from focusing extensively on Mobility Solutions for our partners. Incedo has another vertical in the company which is focused on creating the right mobility strategy for their business. Right from choosing the technology landscape and platform to development, testing, maintenance and on-going support, Incedo works with clients from inception to execution.

Incedo is one of the few IT companies in Gurgaon which are heavily involved in BI & Data Analytics with specialized and customized solutions / frameworks for Financial, Pharmaceutical and Telecom companies. The cloud offering we have can be leveraged for small start-ups and mid-sized companies who do not want to spend on IT infrastructure but focus on solving the core business problem.

We are proud to be amongst the few IT companies in Gurgaon who are considered leaders in product engineering – the way it has to be conceptualized, when to take it to market, how to bring about innovation in the entire space and come out with a scalable, resilient and right product every time.


Author Bio:

Incedo Inc. is a Bay Area-headquartered technology firm with operations across North America, South Africa and India. In 2011, the technology division of Indiabulls, a diversified business group in India, rolled out as an independent organization, Incedo. Since then Incedo has grown manifold. Today, Incedo is listed as one of the best IT companies to work with in Gurgaon.