Eidelman and Associates, Professional Help Through a Difficult Divorce

Deciding to file for divorce can be a difficult choice for anyone. When people get married, they don’t consider that someday they will get divorced. When a marriage does get to the point of divorce, there can be a lot of animosity between the parties involved. Living in Allentown, Pennsylvania divorce can be filed as either a fault or no-fault matter. Eidelman and Associates will work with their client to prepare for filing a divorce and through every step after. They are devoted to helping each family come to a resolution in the simplest and cost-effective way possible.

At Eidelman (http://www.eidelmanassoc.com/), they realize that every divorce does not happen quickly. There may be a party that does not want the divorce or does not agree to the terms of the divorce. While this can cause a severe delay in the process, Eidelman is committed to helping resolve these disputes without having to take it to litigation. While trying to compromise as quickly as possible, they are not opposed to taking the matter into a courtroom. Their services are about results and what is best for the family.

Sometimes a marriage can involve more than a separation and the decisions about the children. There are marriages that have large financial assets and this can mean that the process will take some time. While one party will feel like they deserve some part of the assets, the other may feel like they are not entitled. There may be a situation where one party has inherited assets, and Eidelman will work for the retention of assets that the other party may not be entitled to.

For those relationships that are at the stage of separation, Eidelman is polished in coming up with an agreement for separation that will make both parties happy. This can mainly involve child custody and support, which is a large factor when dealing with a divorce. The main focus is to leave both parties in good condition and able to function and continue taking care of their family from separate locations.

Filing for divorce does not need to be complicated, but often is and Eidelman and Associates understands that each case is different from the next. Because each case is different, it is important that the representation fights for the right things. This is never a concern with the caring and focused professionals at Eidelman and Associates.