Pix4D launches drone mapping solution for real estate


Pix4D launches drone mapping solution for real estate

October 12, 2016

Today, drone mapping software developer Pix4D launches a tailored solution for real estate to create 3D models from drone images. The solution integrates mobile, desktop, and cloud platforms for flexible 3D model creation: from drone flight to finish.

The fast paced and competitive real estate industry has begun to harness technology, such as drone photography, to offer dynamic multi-media experiences of property. Drone modelling from images brings this experience to a new level, allowing buyers to explore properties through high quality 3D content.

“We see an increasing number of drone operators and real estate professionals using drones for photography,” said Christoph Strecha, Pix4D’s CEO. “With our experience in photogrammetric surveying, we’ve used our knowledge to build a smooth modelling solution for the real estate industry.”

Pix4D offers turnkey solutions from drone-flight planning for optimized image capture to the of photorealistic 3D models and fly-through videos.

Hybrid Innovation
Easily capture images with Pix4Dcapture, a mobile app for planning drone flights to capture image data sets optimized for mapping. Images are easily transferred to the cloud or desktop: generate ready to share 3D models with the fully-automatic, hardware-free Pix4Dmodel cloud or use the Pix4Dmodel desktop software to create fly-through videos, edit, or access advanced visualization tools.

Today Pix4D launches four new solutions: Pix4Dmodel for real estate, Pix4Dmapper Pro 3.0 for surveying and mapping,Pix4Dbim for construction, and Pix4Dag for agriculture. For the launch, Pix4Dmodel includes unlimited Desktop + Cloud processing and free use of the Pix4Dcapture mobile app.

Pix4Dmodel is an intuitive and flexible real estate solution for professional results. Create engaging, interactive, photorealistic 3D content for a fast paced industry.

About Pix4D
Founded in 2011 after more than ten years of leading scientific research, Pix4D has become the main provider and industry standard for professional drone photogrammetry software. Started as a spin-off of EPFL in Switzerland, Pix4D is a dynamic and rapidly expanding company with headquarters in Lausanne and local offices in San Francisco and Shanghai.

Press Contact: Veronica Alonso (veronica.alonso@pix4d.com)