Why short stay apartments in Manchester are better than hotels

If you are visiting the city centre for a short period of time, it is worth finding short stay apartments Manchester as compared to residing in a five star hotel. With these self catering apartments Manchester, every visitor gets the chance to enjoy the thrill and buzz plus lots of excitements that the city has to offer.
The short stay apartments are great substitutes for hotels and they offer excellent services, including better privacy at more affordable and convenient rates for both the visitors of Manchester.
The self catering apartments Manchester offer a truly luxurious choice of self-catering experience that is ideal for visitors. The kitchens are fully furnished with dishes, cutleries, cookers and other necessary kitchenware, so visitors can enjoy their own cooked foods. If one does not feel like cooking, there are refrigerators and microwaves to store and heat fast foods. All these facilities are offered at affordable prices as compared to what hotels have to offer.
If someone is looking for fully furnished apartments, they must know that the short stay apartments in the Manchester city offer more than that. The apartments’ interiors are designed and styled with supervision from expert interior designers so as to present visitors with exceptional and contemporary surroundings for luxurious relaxation. The balconies are also spacious enough and well designed so a visitor can relax while watching the fantastic view of the city centre. Alternatively, a guest also has the option of relaxing at the private lounges of these apartments.
The short stay apartments Manchester also offer cosy and spacious rooms to make the vacation more relaxing. The self-catering accommodation gives maximum luxury with spacious bathrooms, which are equipped with delightful spa treats for self-indulgent pampering sessions. The bedrooms are adorable with king-size beds perfect for a great sleep. The beds are equipped with pure cotton bedding to give guests a soothing and cosy sleep. The apartments are also fitted with free Wi-Fi, providing high-speed internet connection so one can get in touch with their friends.
The benefits of staying in the short stay apartments also include the close proximity to good transport links and shopping centres. The apartments are found a short walking distance away from the main train station of the city to connect with the other parts of Manchester. Exciting shopping centres of the city are also in close proximity of the self-catering apartments.
There’s definitely no need of venturing far away from the short stay apartment so as to enjoy the nightlife of the Manchester city. There are plenty of perfect entertainment spots across the city. Printworks Complex is great for a memorable nightlife experience. For football lovers, they will find great pleasure by visiting Manchester City and Manchester United stadiums located a short tax drive distance. The city of Manchester prides itself in some of the most luxurious short stay apartments offering excellent features at affordable price quotes that are far beyond what hotels can offer. For this reason, more and more people are now opting for the short stay apartments over the local hotels.

Short stay apartments Manchester offer great value for money to guests who are after enjoying the great pleasure of the city. These self catering apartments Manchester are also equipped with kitchens, modern rooms and entertainment systems for a remarkable stay.