Proteins and Dietary Supplements for Lean Body Introduced by Sharrets Nutritions LLP

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Protein and Dietary Supplements with much-varied range.

8th September 2016
Jaipur, India.

Sharrets is a leading Supplier and Distributor of Health and Proteins Supplements is exploring its new range of

Nutritional Proteins for Building muscles and Lean body. The company offers a new range of Protein powder and Dietary

Supplements in much-varied range. The company has stock of Egg Albumen Powder, Whey Protein concentrate, Soy Protein

Isolated, Fish Collagen Peptide.

Sharrets Egg Albumen Protein Powder is unique and also unique for its flavour system. It contains- 0% fat, cholesterol,

sugar. It is available in three variants Unflavored, Vallina and Chocolate. Whey Protein Concentrate is the best protein

powder supplement for increasing the muscles growth and increases enough of protein that is essential for helping the body

to develop lean muscles. Sharrets have a range of protein supplements all with varying nutritional profiles to suit every

individual training needs.

Soy Isolated protein is made from 100%

Non-GMO defatted soybeans using Stringent Process which removes a vast majority of fat and carbohydrates. It is an

excellent choice of protein for types of athletes. The high protein content will contribute to the growth and maintenance

of lean muscles mass. The another protein is Fish collagen Peptide. Collagen is the most important building blocks in the

body. It helps to strengthen various parts of the body and the integrity of the skin.
About Sharrets:

Sharrets is an exclusive store for all you need for Nutritional Protein supplements, Weight Loss, lean body and stays fit. Sharrets Nutrition’s offers a

comprehensive range of health Products that range from Organic products, which helps to maintain the health and Immune

system to be strong. Its main mission is to deliver highest quality Protein and dietary supplements to the customers.
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