LEDHydroponics.co.uk provides one of a kind LED grow lights for growing plants


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LEDHydroponics.co.uk provides one of a kind LED grow lights for growing plants

The renowned UK grow lights manufacturer, LEDHydroponics.co.uk, usher in new era of indoor farming with LED grow lights that help optimize crop yield and quality.

Plants’ sensitivity to light is very different from the human eye, so plants use certain wavelengths of light more efficiently and respond in a different way to different sets of wavelengths. The advent of LED technology has enabled the fine tuning of tailor-made grow lights optimized to the needs of crops. Also, because LEDs run at cooler temperatures they can be placed closer to the plants and optimally positioned, ensuring complete uniform illumination of the plant.

LEDHYDROPONICS, a company based in the UK, with the aim of presenting customers with High-quality products and giving them best results, has come up with a range of grow lights that are highly efficient and can last several years. LEDHYDROPONICS uses bridgelux LEDS from the USA and a high quality isolated power supply making them superior to all other LED grow lights suppliers. The company has invested its time performing and following an intensive manufacturing procedure, consisting of designing, researching, and testing.

“Through the dedication of resources comprising of both time and money, we continue to innovate and perfect grow lights for indoor growing systems that can maximize plant photosynthesis, while minimizing energy use for plants grown in a sustainable manner. Also, as the leader in LED grow lights manufacturing, it is important for us to use lighting in new and innovative ways that better serve our customer” The company’s representative said.
LEDHYDROPONICS have sold over 30,000 various LED Grow lights and over 100,000 LED Commercial lights since 2008. It provides a 5-year warranty on most of its products as well as a 90-day money back guarantee.

About LEDHydroponics.co.uk
LEDHYDROPONICS is one of the industry leaders in LED grow light technology. Since 2008 The Company has been at the forefront of LED grow lights, investing time and money into led development. It has designed, researched, tested and manufactured dozens of LED Grow light models, and its units have evolved over 8 solid years of development to be acclaimed as one of the BEST LED GROW LIGHTS IN THE MARKET. Some of its models include the Photon PRO, Super Helios and Skyline.

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