Kansas City Attorney Makes Divorce Simple

Undoubtedly, divorce is one of the worst things anyone can ever experience. It can affect not only the couple who are getting the divorce, but also the family that they have. In these cases, many people realize that divorce mediation is the best option for them. Shannon Sorensen (http://www.sorensen-law.com/) is Kansas City’s top divorce attorney, and she encourages all of her clients to go through divorce mediation as it is a lot quicker, easier and less expensive than taking the divorce to court. It can also help to hold a family together.

Divorces are often the result of bad feelings, but divorce mediation offers couples a way to discuss their divorce disputes in a peaceful manner. This process can often help the parties to build up a more friendly relationship than they had before, and in turn this will have an impact on the family and will bring them closer together. Shannon Sorensen always has family in mind when she mediates divorce cases. She is passionate about keeping families together and making sure that no one in the whole situation gets left behind.

On the subject of families, a lot of people worry about getting a divorce because they think that they won’t have enough money to support their children. Even worse, they think that they might not get to see their children, or they won’t get their desired child custody. In any case, it is important for couples to discuss their worries and come to an agreement which suits them both. Acting as a mediator, Shannon Sorensen helps couples to realize what is best for their family and what is the fairest option. She makes sure that there is always a fair conclusion when the mediation process finishes.

About Shannon Sorensen

Shannon Sorensen is a divorce attorney in Kansas City. She deals with divorce, divorce mediation, child support, and also custody modifications. Sorensen has an astounding amount of compassion for her clients and their families, so she puts it as a priority to make sure that the family is not badly affected by the divorce and that they can move on comfortably once the divorce process is over. Because of her empathy, level of respect and high client satisfaction rate, people all over Kansas believe that she is the best family attorney.