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There are many reasons why a business may need an attorney to help them with litigation, and for many people this can be a very challenging time. When businesses encounter legal problems, things can get very tense and the business may lose out on productivity. It is important to employ an experienced attorney in this time of need. Scott A. Schweber ( is an attorney based in Atlanta who specialises in civil litigation for businesses and for individuals and has much success in his time as an attorney.

Civil litigation is an umbrella term used by attorneys all over the country. If a business is encountering any legal issues, it is most likely a civil litigation case. Some of the cases that business may have include, but are not limited to: insurance, real estate, malpractice and even fraud. Scott A. Schweber deals with litigation cases on a daily basis, helping businesses out with some of the scariest positions that they have ever been in. Schweber evaluates each case and advises his clients on how to move forwards and exactly how he could help them, giving each and every client a true insight into his work.

Getting an attorney that actually cares can prove to be quite a challenge for many businesses – a lot of attorneys are just in it for the money and aren’t bothered about their clients. For years, the best advice has been for people in legal problems is to shop around and talk to each attorney to make sure they are the right person for the job. Now, people are going straight to Scott A. Schweber, a civil litigation attorney in Atlanta. Schweber has gained such a good reputation for the work that he does that he is attracting clients from all over the area.

About Scott A. Schweber
Scott A. Schweber is a partner of Cohen, Cooper, Estep & Allen, LLC. Schweber works as an attorney and arbitrator, specialising in civil litigation, appeals, mediations, trails and also arbitrations. Schweber has been working as an attorney for over thirty years, giving advice and representing hundreds of people throughout this time. He has gone through a series of five different training courses for alternative dispute resolution (ADR), making him one of the most reliable attorneys in the whole vicinity of Atlanta.
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