Sacramento’s Most Successful Mediator Daniel Yamshon

There are many different reasons as to why someone may need to use a dispute resolution method. The obvious, underlying reasons of all of these cases is that there is a dispute that needs to be resolved. A lot of the time, going to court to get a resolution is a really expensive, time-consuming and often emotionally draining thing to do, which is why many people are choosing to use alternative dispute resolution methods. Daniel Yamshon ( is a specialist in two of these methods: mediation and arbitration. In fact, Yamshon is so experienced and successful with these that he runs a mediation course for other attorneys.

Mediation is a process that people choose to go through where all of the parties involved in a dispute come together in the presence of a trained mediator (this person is usually an attorney). The involved parties then present their sides of the case to the mediator in full detail. The parties are then invited to discuss their issues and come to a mutually beneficial conclusion. Daniel Yamshon makes sure that all of his clients’ cases have fair resolutions that benefit all of the parties as much as they deserve.

Many people prefer to resolve their disputes through mediation because it is a lot less expensive than a courtroom battle and it usually takes less time. Mediation often puts less stress on everyone involved and makes sure that the conclusion is completely fair. This method of ADR is often used when couples go through a divorce because it can help to maintain relationships between the parties – it is often a lot less malicious. Daniel Yamshon advises all of his clients to choose mediation first. He sits with all of his clients to make sure that he understands the case and can confirm a fair conclusion.

About Daniel Yamshon
Daniel Yamshon is a star mediator and arbitrator in Sacramento. He has received many awards for his ability to make and keep peace (California Mediation Week Peacemaker of the Year, and The Africa Peace Award). Yamshon has a very good reputation for his work that he has done in dispute resolution. Around Sacramento, many of the local people believe that Daniel Yamshon is the best attorney to visit when they have any disputes as he helps to keep the peace and fai

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