Becoming a Canadian home owner today is now very EASY


Home ownership is very important and is an asset that keeps increasing in value on consistent basis. However, a lot of folks think it is somewhat difficult to acquire a home, hence feeling comfortable with renting – becoming tenants all their life.

The good news is that Red Rent To Own have simplified all it takes for anyone to become a property-owner and once the determination and desire is there, the rest is feasible.

With home ownership in Canada, anyone can expressly join the league of smart-wise investors who have learned the secret of wealth development and accumulation, and will also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it – being the boss of valuable assets.

As a home owner in Canada, there are grounds to save much – as one will overcome the huge rents imposed by landlords on tenants. Typically, there will be no landlord to trouble anyone and there will be plenty of room to enjoy the pleasures and benefits of having complete privacy amongst others.

Through – anyone can now easily own a home where he or she chooses to live and with flexible payment plans that’s just great for everyone. Note that no rental is ever going to be a dream home, and with home ownership benefits – property values are expected to continue to rise over the next decades and more.

Practically – the RED RENT TO OWN = your future + your choice + all, because you now can.

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Brief Profile on Founder:

President Dinah Lilia Mansour currently holds the company’s major stock. Prior to starting the RED RENT TO OWN agency, she co-founded, and currently operates AL M’ADINA FINANCIAL GROUP LTD. She has selected a great team with extensive real estate, mortgage, loan finance, life insurance, credit and money counseling, debt restructuring, Consumer Proposal restructuring and home inspection experience. Prior to establishing the RED RENT TO OWN, Dinah Lilia Mansour worked for the financial department of a major Financial Bank, in Abu Dhabi. Her current responsibilities include the company’s direct marketing campaigns and all underwriting, sales-related issues and general administration – amongst others.