How to Choose a Timber Floor Finish for your Wooden Floor?

After floor sanding your timber floors, there are many timber floor finishes available to coat and seal your floor. Polished wooden floors present a timeless and ever popular choice for homeowners. Sanded and polished timber floors come in an endless choice of widths, timber species, grains and colours and a there are many different timber floor finishes to seal the wooden floors. This enables home owners a great deal of variety in creating the decorating look that suits their style and budget.

What wood floor finish should you choose?

Presently most floor sanding and polishing projects are completed with Polyurethane timber floor finishes as they are the most durable and cost effective. They also come in a range of sheens from high gloss, satin and matt. What timber floor finishes are best for dog owners? Pet Owners generally choose polyurethane finishes for their polished timber floors, as the finish stands up to the pets nails better than other products.

Oil based timber floor finishes are a traditional wood finish that is of a satin appearance. These oil floor finishes darken with age and do not wear well requiring greater maintenance.

Floor Sanding BrisbaneComposite oil based solvent floor finishes are a combination of an oil product with urethanes added to improve the products wear capabilities. Tung oil finishes fall into this category of timber floor sanding finishes. Although more durable than traditional oil floor finishes, Tung oil still requires more maintenance than Polyurethane floor finishes.

Environmentally friendly Water based polyurethane wooden floor finishes are available in one and two pack finishes. Water based wood floor finishes come in matt, satin and gloss sheens. Although they will darken a little with age, it will be less than solvent based timber floor finish. These popular floor sanding finishes, cure faster and produce less odour than some other timber floor finishes.

Staining timber floors after floor sanding is a popular option for home owners choosing to completely change the look of their home. Darkening the floor is the easier option with a good variety of timber floor stain colours available. Lightening timber floors is most commonly achieved by white washing or lime washing the wooden floor. Of course this can only be attempted on lighter coloured timber floors. Some people revert to painting their floor, which is NOT recommended. If the owner then changes their mind and wishes to have the floor sanded and polished, removing all the paint from the timber floor can be difficult.

Choosing the right timber floor finish to complete your floor sanding project can be a little confusing with all the different flooring products available. At Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane we can advise which products may suit your circumstances and budget.