President Electronics USA announces “CB Radios for Cash Promotion”


Groupe President Electronics, the world’s leading seller of CB Radio’s, has announced a promotion to run through the balance of 2016. The promotion, also termed “Cash for Clunkers” allows consumers to trade in an old or even non-working CB to any of President’s Authorized Dealers in North America and receive a $50 mail in rebate coupon in exchange, when they purchase a new Johnny III or Johnson II CB.

President Electronics USA COO, Kavi Sharma stated, “We are bringing awareness to our new line of CB radios, the Johnny III and Johnson II in the North American CB radio market. The idea behind the program is to give users a $50 incentive to trade-in their old radios and upgrade to advanced 21st century technology with the President CB radio line.

All consumers need to do is bring in their old or non-working CB to one of their Authorized Dealers and the dealer will sell them a brand new Johnny III or Johnson II and give them a rebate coupon which President will redeem for $50. More information about the promotion, a complete list of Authorized Dealers and President’s full line of CB’s, 10 Meter Radios and Antennas can be found at their website;