Facebook bot SpyChain takes aim at Campus Safety

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Campus Safety, Crime & bullying targeted by bot

Toronto based startup CogniFrame has launched a Facebook bot called SpyChain that allows students and others to anonymously report incidents of bullying, campus safety and crime. Anyone can use the bot by just adding it as a friend on Facebook Messenger used universally by the student community and over a billion people worldwide. The bot allows users to share the Geo-location of the incident and also supports video and file uploads.

“Our goal is to provide a safe and discreet way for students to report incidents.  There is usually a hesitancy to report incidents as no one wants to be identified. With SpyChain ones anonymity is protected” said Vish R, the CEO of CogniFrame. “We intend to use crowdsourced security data to provide predictive analytics using machine learning algorithms. Our goal is to use predictive data to drive prevention measures” he added.

SpyChain is a Facebook bot, so it is always available both inside and outside the campus. Security personnel would be provided access via dashboard to event data and Geo-location but no personally identifiable information is ever provided.

“It is really simple to use. There are no apps to download. So no app fatigue.” said Elisha Ferrara, the Technology Lead for CogniFrame Inc. “We provide heat maps and other qualitative data and everything is real-time. And almost anyone can benefit from this – high school students, college and university students, event organizers, etc.” he continued.

CogniFrame hopes to promote the SpyChain bot in a number of campuses over the next few months. It also hopes to add weight to anti-bullying and safer campus campaigns worldwide.

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To learn more about SpyChain bot please visit www.Facebook.com/SpyChain. Tweet: www.twitter.com/SpyChain

For details view: http://www.slideshare.net/VisweswaranVishR/spychain

CogniFrame Inc., (www.cogniframe.com) is a Toronto, Canada based machine learning Cognitive as a Service (CaaS) startup that provides predictive analytics to solve a number of community problems including aiding crime prevention, helping educational institutions identify students at risk and supports the efforts of community lenders to use machine learning to risk assess borrowers without a credit profile.