What are the types and uses of steel fencing Scotland?

Steel fencing Scotland offers the best way to save one’s property from unwanted theft and animals. These fencing not only provide security to the house but also enhance the overall beauty of your property. In these days, most house owners are choosing fencing Aberdeenshirethat adds a special appeal to their house and offers security at the same time. There are various styles and types of fencing available in the market. You can select the one according to your requirements.


Choosing a special steel fence is another way to create abarrier to protect property against attempted theft, robbery, intruder or abductor. Steel fence is sturdy and made of highly durable material. It has all the qualities that you might need from a fence. However, if one thinks that he or she would not get much variety in steel fences, you are completely wrong. Steel fences are elegantly decorative yet functional. The types of steel fences are categorised according to their stability and strength.

Different types of steel fencing Scotland

?             Ornamental fences

Steel ornamental fences are quite popular for their attractive designs and sizes. In ornamental fence, you will get the touch of traditional mimic wrought iron fence. These fences are quite strong and fulfil your needs perfectly where security is your main concern. These fences are coated with enamel that helps to protect it from corrosion.

?             Chain link fence

Chain link fence is made of mesh galvanized steel that gives it a sturdy yet elegant look. The mesh is basically attached to horizontal steel rail positioned at the top of the fence as well as at the bottom of the mesh.

?             Electric fence

An electric fence is made in the same way as steel wire fence except those two or more fence wires that passes anelectric pulse through the wires. The electric wires are connected to the fence with plastic insulators. However, these are mostly used in rural areas.

?             Steel and wood fence

These steel fences combine ease of installation and stability along with a visual appeal of awooden fence. In these fences, U-shaped steel posts are placed on the ground, and then horizontal shaped wooden fences are attached to the posts with the screws. The installation of these fences is the same as aconventional wooden fence.

?             Wire fence

This type of fence is constructed with steel wire that best serve the purposes as boundary marking and livestock containment. Basically, these fences are constructed with high-tensile wire strung by tying one end to a post and then stretching the wire to another post.

These are the most popular types of fencing Aberdeenshire that people choose the secure their homes or commercial property.

What are the uses of steel fencing?

Steel fencing creates a huge difference among people living in an area. These fences are highly capable of handling droughts, cyclones, bush fires and desert winds. They are highly durable for its sturdy look. In fact, these fences are getting huge popularity among property owners for their vast range of versatility and architectural styles ranging from ultra-modern designs to old Fort federation house.

Therefore, if you have a garden that you want to make it look the best, go with steel fencing. These fences will provide a complimentary look to your garden.



Are you looking for a sturdy fence to protect your property? Choose Steel Fencing Scotland. These Fencing Aberdeenshire are now available in various designs and shapes to enhance the look of your property.