What are the main cost factors of security fencing Scotland?


When the time comes to determine the budget on security fencing Scotland, the costs vary according to the number of linear constructed and the type of fence you choose for your property. To complete the project at its best price, it is best to compare between two most common variables – material and labor. The same concept should be appliedfor selecting railings Aberdeenshire. Some contractors may set the price separately for you to compare while the others will give a lump sum idea about the total cost of fence installation which may lead you to low quality material choice.


When you compare two fences in terms of material, you will get abetter idea about prices. For example, the quality and longevity of vinyl fencing differ depending on how the material for security fencing Scotlandis manufactured. Therefore, to determine the right price, bids should be placed for the same brand or two different brands with almost same features and quality. You can better assess the price of the material.

Average fence prices

Fence type         Cost of fence per linear foot      Labor cost per linear foot

Metal/Chain      £5           £10

wood    £10         £12

Vinyl      £15         £7

Aluminum          £23         £10+

(P.S: All values mentioned above are approximate. It may vary according to your area requirement and choice of materials)

Cost factors of security fencing

Like any other construction material, the site itself plays an important role bearing on the final price. Consider the below-mentioned factors that can affect the prices of fences.

Site access

The ability to supply materials, equipment and other important elements directly to the site when the fence is installed makes it highly effective for the contractor. But if he fails to deliver materials to the destination, everything will be carried by hand, and this will increase the costs and labor as well as time.

Site preparation

Building fence on theflat site is easy, but the place may be surroundedbybrush, trees, old irrigation systems and other materials. Therefore, the site needs preparation before setting up afence. In the rural areas where fence needs to be cut out of the brush, it requires more time and labor. Moreover, carrying out everything from the fence line may add some unforeseen costs.

Rocky ground

Fences require excavation of deep holes. When you are installing fences on the rocky ground, the digging task may turn problematic, and this may lead to arise in the labor cost. Local contractors are aware of the problems of the soil and try to accommodate the cost of their bids. However, contractors out of the town may not be so familiar with the conditions, and this may result in unexpected cost increase.


The presence of old trees on the site project may impose a serious challenge for the fence contractors because they need to be removed for constructing afence on aflat surface. Underground roots may interfere with excavation as they are close to the surface and large in size. This ultimately increases the cost of labor.

For determining the prices of railings, you need to consider the area of your site and the type of material you are going to choose. If you choose railings Aberdeenshire, you will get various designs along with different price ranges to choose according to your taste and budget.



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