Social media automation tools have helped businesses enormously, making both content creation and management more efficient and less time-consuming.  That being said, it’s not a perfect system.

Content management systems such as Hootsuite have begun offering services such as “suggested posts” where it will recommend pre-written posts based on a few keywords.  Sounds like a dream come true, right?!  Wrong.

Suggested posts can sabotage your social media efforts if you’re not aware of their inherent flaws.  Learn how you can protect the quality of your posts while still reaping their time-saving benefits.

Content Quality

For every suggested post that is interesting and engaging there’s one that is spammy or irrelevant.  For this reason, it is essential that every post is carefully read through and that the links and their content are checked over as well before you commit and hit the “schedule” button.

Platform Optimization

Another flaw with suggested content is the fact that they are not optimized for each social media site.  Suggested posts are short snippets of content thatcould work for any platform, but realistically all platforms are not the same.

For example, Facebook and LinkedIn provide more space for discussion than Twitter, and hashtags should be used on Facebook and Twitter, but not LinkedIn.  Therefore, while a suggested post can work for any social networking site, ideally it would be tweaked to best suit each individual platform.

The Audience Knows

The next issue with automation is your audience.  Social media users are becoming increasingly more tech-savvy, and it’s not difficult to tell whether a post was written by a human or by a bot.  Each brand should have their own voice on the internet, and that won’t be taken into account when you’re using an content automation tool.

People aren’t drawn to accounts that spew random information, they’re drawn to personality.  Don’t let automation kill your brand persona.

How to use suggested posts?

Suggested posts have saved social media marketers countless hours of writing and researching content, which is a huge benefit for anyone.  The key is to using them as a support tool when you’ve hit writer’s block.

Continue to create your own unique content, and use suggested posts when you need a few more ideas for posts.  Take the time to thoroughly read them over, assess their appropriateness for your accounts, and optimize them for each platform.

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